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Lughnasadh, 2015

From Under The Editor's Rock

Gay Marriage

The Supreme Court's decision on Gay Marriage is stirring up a lot of backwash, and the current attitude among the intelligentsia is that churches that disagree with this ruling should lose their 501.3.c and that opinion is simply Bullsh!t! The power to tax is the power to destroy, and the enemies of religion know it. In some pars of 'Merca laws are being considered to ban "hate" speech - trying to get around something called the 1st amendment. Part of this article is about how churches can avoid trouble if the state goes another step further and demands that churches that don't believe in gay marriage to perform them.

          What happened to the Separation of Church and State all of a sudden, Liberals? It was nice when you banned Prayer and Bible study in public schools - now you're going to see it works both ways. The people unwisely allowed government to put it's big fat nose into some things it had no business intruding itself into, for quite sometime. It started with divorce with old jolly King Henry VIII wanting a divorce he couldn't get from the Pope. Then the Eugenics craze, of which the Planned Parenthood founder called for the removal from society and even death to "undesirables", hence the next big power grab by the state - marriage licensing to keep out the unfit. (Read Margret Sanger's prose on eliminating the Negro from the Earth. (The Idea for the Nazi Holocaust came from PP in America. It is NOT a "Women's Rights" Organization - it's a Eugenics organization, biding its time, waiting for the next wave of Eugenics popularity. Concentration camps are also an 'Mercan invention - they're called reservations.) While this was going on the tax code and other laws were passed to give married couples distinct advantages in the law, like tax breaks and power of attorney. Unmarried couples, including gays, couldn't take advantage of them. Instead the had to buy some heavy duty lawyering to get the equivalent for themselves. This WAS unfair, but the SCOTUS decided to take the road to the proverbial slippery slope which will lead to many unforeseen consequences ahead in the months and years to come. It would have been better to remove the Government from the equation altogether!

          The SCOTUS has given gays the right to a civil marriage, and only a civil marriage. It has not given anyone the right to make demands on pastors, ministers, and priest[esse]s and force a church to marry them. Never fear, the Episcopal Church - King Henry VIII's personal church (Anglican, Church of England) will now marry gays. Christians have to face the facts - they don't have a monopoly on marriage, and never have. Even the unchurched, Pagans, Buddhists, Taoists, Atheists, etc. can marry. Now that Christianity lost the latest battle in the USA, what's their next move? An end to no fault divorce, mebbe? IF CHURCHES ARE REQUIRED TO DO GAY MARRIAGES THEN CERTAIN STEPS CAN BE TAKEN TO MAKE IT MORE PALATABLE.

The Episcopalian Church embraced gay marriage last week. Earlier this year, the Presbyterian Church (USA) affirmed its support for marriage equality, joining many other major Christian denominations that officially endorse LGBT rights. And according to an April 2015 poll, majorities of congregants within many Christian faith traditions support marriage equality—including 60 percent of all Catholics, 52 percent of all orthodox Christians and 62 percent of white mainline Protestants. They’re joined by 94 percent of Unitarian Universalists and 77 percent of all Jews.

          Their next move could be to bifurcate marriage into two (actually three) classes:

    Church Weddings.
  1. Civil (Secular) Weddings, and
  2. 'Jerry Springer' style weddings (hand-fastings with a license).

          What's the 'diff'? A church wedding will be only be performed when certain pre-conditions are met. Things like (I'll use CAW as a comparison - this is only a hypothetical example. CAW does NOT have this policy):

  1. The couple must be church members for at least one year and a day prior to marriage.
  2. The couple must both in the 3th Circle or Higher. Lay people - beyond raw Seekers. (Lay people, not catechumens {who are not yet baptized, nor partakers ready for communion}). Yes, even sinners can be baptized or no one could be baptized.
  3. The couple has to have been engaged and chaste for at least one year and a day.
  4. The couple must undergo mandatory pre-tribulation pre-marriage counseling.
  5. The only causes for divorce are adultery, or domestic violence.
  6. Blessings upon a marriage are the option of Clergy. ("God speed, etc)
  7. Marriage is both a civil wedding and a Church wedding, so couples will have to be divorced twice. (If they want another church wedding)
  8. Mandatory medical exams for the couple before the ceremony.

          Ah, #7. The power of computerized information processing! Add a letter of good standing to other churches if the couple changes churches, and I think we have a winner! If one partner chooses to get a secular divorce, then they are still married in the eyes of the church. This means no repeat weddings without sanction, and excommunication for the offender(s). These rules are for everyone - across the board! If you don't like it then you can opt out of a religious wedding altogether and settle for a Civil or a 'Jerry Springer' wedding...

          A Church will see a secular marriage in much the same way, as the Catholics do. A divorce that violates #5 means that it won't be recognized as a separation, and denial of communion for the offenders will be the result.

          The main three problems with the gay lifestyle is the bunny hopping into bed with different partners - "sex" without commitment, AIDs, and recruitment into the lifestyle. Gay marriage is actually a good way to get the couple out of the bad aspects of that lifestyle. It will also slow down the spread of AIDs. You can trust a married gay couple because they can't engage in these practices. Personally, I feel that some of the other "sex" practices are revolting, but they're also none of my business.

          There's only one other alternative - That means we should immediately cease and desist from officiating over any marriage, heterosexual or homosexual, that includes a license from the state. This is a lot simpler and more a more direct act of civil disobedience. No more church weddings - I can live with that, can you?

          For Christians -- "Are you not willing to give your tithes and offerings to a church even if those financial gifts are NOT tax deductible? If not, what is your real motivation for giving to begin with? Are you not willing to sit under the preaching of a courageous man of God who is the servant of God and not the servant of men--even men in government? If not, why are you even attending church?" Chuck Baldwin.

From Under the Editor's Rock

...Still Going over a Great Financial Cliff - We'll About To Hit the
Wall!... [Draft]

Some changes are being made to the 'Rap. See the News!

We are still on track for a major world economic disaster some time in the near future - possibly in the next couple of months. I'm sure that the Elites would like to get control of what they still don't possess or control, but things have a way of spinning out of control. In fact the USA is on the brink of a new recession, and indicators like excess inventories (stuff that can't be sold at the current prices demanded), a sharp rise in credit denials (credit crunch), and layoffs mean that "They" can no longer distract people from what's coming. When it does come it will be far worse than the 2008 recession because what caused that recession was not only not fixed, it has become much worse.

          When it does happen in the USA it will be far worse for depositors than in 2008. The 'to-big-to fail' banks still have even exceeded themselves in gambling even more notional "money" in side bets using their depositor's money on the value of assets (derivatives) than exists in the entire economy of the world - just over a quadrillion+. Someone is going to lose and no matter who does, no one can pay up regardless of how many bail-ins They have. I keep on forgetting that bank deposits no longer belong to the depositor or that these gambling debts take precedence in payouts. There is no guarentee that the FIDC will pay anything to those even under the maximum deposit amount when that time comes - the "fund" is totally inadequate even to handle even one TBTF Bank, never mind five of them at once. That's just one minor problem.


... we are on a fast track to national bankruptcy. Everyone knows it but Joe Sixpac and our MSM will work day and night to keep the real perilous nature of our fiscal condition from the voters. the ObamaNation and Congress are marching to two different drummers and are clearly under Someone Else's global control. The ObamaNation looks like he is determined who it seems to be determined to run America into the ground. Something very strange is going on in 'Merca with Jade Helm and other "preparedness" What and Who are They preparing for?!? It can't be anything good! "They" are getting ready for civil unrest and possibly civil war. - are you ready??

           As I've said before, unless the Government can rein in entitlements and the War Machine (The Military Industrial Complex), the Federal Reserve Central Bank, and retain the dollar as the World's Reserve Currency, or at least as a petro-dollar, then the believability factor that keeps the spitwads, duct tape, staples, and baling wire currently holding our National and World Economies together will implode in "Our" faces. Then all hell breaks loose here, and Baltimore becomes 'Any City, USA". Quite bluntly, "They" can't 'solve' any of this without starting a major war on someone. They can't yet justify an invasion of Syria then Iran, but they're trying very hard to get some external war started somewhere. Are the Muslim extremists the Enemy? Not when the US Gov't created and funds ISIS as an excuse to enter Syria. The extremists the ObamaNation wants to destroy are devot Christians, Catholics, gun owners, etc - "domestic" terrorists. They haven't been able to get the 'Mercan People to go along with this crap; so, They're frustrated. So, someome has to sponser some more horror, barbarity and wickedness to make the 'Mercans volunteer to fight the .1%'s next war. Who is the ObamaNation Administration's enemy now? Us peasants are the enemy. "Our" 'Royals' want us fearful, scared, helpless, controlled, corralled, worked to death for a pittance - or dead, and They have an overkill of computing power and weapons to classify everyone as something in he New World Order. They say we're too populous; that They don't need most of us any longer, and that we are in the way of Them enjoying Their planet. If we are now the enemy, then Jade Helm needs to be watched very closely! The military doesn't tell the truth to their enemies, and the ObamaNation never had any "truth" in him - or trustworthiness, loyalty, helpfulness (except to his masters), courteousness, kindness, friendliness, honor, reverence, faithfulness, or integrity, or even a shred of virtue in him) and doesn't even concern himself with even a minimal of truthiness. He's a complete psychopath - he doesn't give a damn about what he's going to do. Regardless of what his masters order him to do, he will feel no emotions, regrets, remorse or guilt afterwards. In order to get anywhere really important in national politics, or big business, you have to possess psychopathic credentials. Hillary Clinton is this scumbag's pal, which should say enough about him and Her and her future policies if "We" last that long!! "But, he hasn't done anything yet", you say. which is why we come inevitably to Jade Helm... We may not see this in the short run, but I think the next few months will be telling - but in the long run it's an all around mega-disaster! Well, Say La Vie, I've had a good lifpe!...TO BE CONTINUED!

I'm not able at this time to do the rest of this article, since I my regular computer is in storage, and my desk and chair were thrown away by my landlord, so I have to buy a new set. They were his, but I'm now on my tablet. Any ways, a brief description of what Jade Helm is, and is NOT will have to do for now. JH is supposedly a military exercise - but,it's the largest domestic exercise ever. Its is the largest movement of men and equipment inside the US ever! Something else is going on and it‘s not good! I'm still watching it closely, and I've come up with some conclusions about their real intentions, but that will half to wait ... TO BE CONTINUED

What are their real intentions? It depends on whether the Obamanation Administration has decided that the 'MERCAN PEOPLE are the next enemy to be subjugated. IF we are, then nothing about JH's true purpose will reach the Mainstream NEWS! The Obamanation is a Marxist Islamic Globalist liar and petty criminal, and he will side with Them against US! His past statements and actions prove this. That's why he's ignores the barbarities that ISIS does, it's why he is catching and releasing 1000’s of criminal illegal aliens, and it's why he's literally selling out to foreign governments and international(ist) corporations - it's why the TPP is such a secret! - it gives even more high paying jobs to Certified Serfs (H1b Temps) who have no mobility or freedom to change jobs and who are paid a fraction of what an 'MERCAN worker makes àt the same job (Like Disney IT WORKERS who were forced to train their replacement H1bs in order to get their severance pay. That's who is getting any "job training" these days! "Free Trade” NEVER does the working class any good! The 'Publicans were all over trying to pass Fast Track Authority for the Obamanation - it's time to ask why?

See, 'Mercans are too uppity, and still believe, against all the evidence to the contrary, that they still are a free nation, that their vote means something, and that they have Constitutional CIVIL RIGHTS, and the Rule of Law prevails - instead of a soft Fascist Tyranny of Oligarchs that is about to go hard ! These are things then Polloi have to disabused of. JH is designed to do just that - scare the common herd into submission by a show of force - " Resistançe is Futile!” Assimilation to the NWO or else! Nonsense - We can fight back, and it's going to be hard to do this non-violently because our time is short, but the PTB want violence so that can crack the whip of martial law... don't go that route!

The shadowy characters that own the Obamanation àre the very same people that want to eliminate 7 billion people in the name of Sustainablity. BTW, and the UN is a den of thieves who want to turn the USA INTO A WILDERNESS THEME PARK through Agenda 21 - and the will have a major role in JH.. That's just one of their devious plans, and they'll also have a large role in JH. Bluntly: MÎLITARY exercises such as this can go 'live' using real, live ammo instead of duds! There are a lot of upper-uppers that believe a thermo-nuclear war is winnable (for them). IMHO a great majority of our politicos are psychopaths, just likè their Shadowy bosses are, and they all have to be replaced soonest - but I'M ÑOT SURE THAT'S EVEN POSSIBLE anymore...

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The Introduction

Celtic double treeThe Introduction explains what the 'Rap is all about. BTW -- for those people who found the 'Rap by accident may be asking, Who on Earth is the Goddess, Anyways?...

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        There was a lot of bitterness and angst over conflicts and misunderstandings of what was going on in CAW II, and some people have decided to go elsewhere because of it. This was partially a reflection of what's been going on in society at large - CAW has survived power plays by rogue Clergy, numerous personality conflicts, squabbles over money and Green Egg, highly infectious forms of HP[S] Disease, unfair treatment of members, the passing of a CAW President, and attempted dissolution off CAW and mass resignations from the Ohio BoD. However, this freedom has come at a terrible cost, and many people left CAW without understanding what it was really all about, or how to succeed within it. I'd like to help change that - we have the "C.U.R.E." - [ "We can rebuild him..." ;-> ]. CAWT_Network is offered to begin the process, and started a bone-head CAW II Classroom of sorts. there's only one registration, and that's to the CAWT_Network Y! Group itself. It sould be noted that the Group hasn't done much of anything in the last six months...

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rebel BULL07/12/15:"I am OFFENDED and I DEMAND you remove your history to APPEASE my delicate sensibilities" is the new battle cry of the decade." The short answer to this is, "Go to Hades!" I am not a southerner, but real history and the Truth are once again being trampled under in a rush of Political Correctness from scalawags and political opportunists who always twist the truth and distort the facts to prop up their PC crap. Abraham Lincoln was NOT against slavery in the Lincoln-Douglas Debates, and He hadn't changed his mind about it when he cynically published the Emancipation Proclamation as a political stunt. It freed no slaves at all. His trip was saving the Union whether They wanted to be saved or not, or liked it or not. The Civil War was NOT fought over the issue of Slavery, but over Economics, States Rights, and over what the industrialized states were doing to the agricultural states. To brand the Confederate flag as being racist went from a just a few people to a mass media firestorm, and is the purest of bull crap being pushed and supported by the leftist establishment in this country. Banning the Confederate Flag is just one more attempt to divide and conquer 'Mercans and foment a race war - there are plenty of people regardless of color who want one - the answer is a firm NO! Since no one reads this rag anymore I can say pretty much what I want to, and I'll stand my ground on this one. Banning the flag inhistorical war games is just one example of Human Stupidity in action. However I did notice something - those who won't sell the Confederate flag have no problem selling ISIS, Al Qaida, Communist or Fascist (Nazi) flags! (and mementos) This must be because these retailers fully support these causes, right? Good Nazis and Barbarians All. The Southern view of the Civil War and how and why it started never seems to make it into the History books, or is covered by the Liberal press-itutes. The winners write the history books. History will not be erased because someone has decided their feelings are hurt. If the god ObamaNation is so against slavery, then why did he write Executive Order 13603 so that certain 'qualified people' can be seized and forced to work for the Gov'mint without pay (compensation, money, stuff), whenever he wants to? That's Slavery' It also takes over the entire US economy (that's why the anti-slavery provisions in the TPP were alledgedly taken out at his request? As an aside, what things could be in a treaty that requires it to be passed without debate - secretly. It can't be good - not good at all!)...

07/06/15:I was able to correct the rollover problems. Jade Helm is due to start around July 9th, and criticizing it is NOT racist - it's about practicing for martial law and the removal of dissidents - not Race.

05/02/15:My rollovers don't work anymore for some unknown reason. I can't find the problem. An old working rollover transferred to the index page won't work here. The announced changes are going to take sometime to complete, as I have a lot to review and updating to do. CAW Articles will still have Gaiarinths, and they're not going to be removed completely.

04/28/15:My problems with Yahoo!'s automatic payment system has been resolved, and I'm back "in business".

Starting May 1st, I'm going to change the Gaiarinths to Something Else because I'm not even tangentially associated with CAW anymore, and it's unfair to keep using the Scion's Gaiarinth when I'm no longer a CAW Member, or an active Scion - something I should have done a long time ago, but didn't for various reasons - one of which as that I didn't know what I would replace it with. I was down to two choices and I've decided it will be another famous labyrinth with color changes. I was going to downgrade the Gaiarinths to green, but even that doesn't seem appealing because I know much more than a Seeker. I've been cut off from NP news for quite awhile, and there are no more sources for "scoops" left. It's time for me to move on - I've moved in other directions, but I still respect the culture, freedom and the organization of R. Heinlein's favorite SISL church and the tribe it created.

          The BFR will de-emphasize the CAW Tradition and the even the Neo-Pagan aspects of this rag. I'm no longer a CAW Trad Scion or a CAWT Minister, and there is no longer a CAWTN or a Two Rivers Nest - there hasn't been a defacto one for years - it's time to come back to Reality, whatever that may be. The "Winter Directory" is gong to be updated, and other articles will remain, however. I've substantially changed my views on religion. Those views will not make their way into the 'Rap or even be reflected here. It was not created to proselytize for anything, and that's one Tradition that will remain. I'm thinking of moving towards a more SF approach. The CAW Tradition Network was created when it looked like CAW USA was finished as a working church - destroyed by the Ohio BoD. Those days are long gone, and it's been defunct for years. I simply had to retire from active participation in CAW because of my disabilities, which are still with me. I've been reduced to mostly talking about the economy - which is still headed towards a disaster some point in the future. What I've been saying about the Economy hasn't yet come to pass, but it will very soon. It's also time to do something on Jade Helm - something I've been avoiding up until now. It really is time for me to move on to other projects and the 'Rap will be the vehicle for them...

03/09/15:'m sorry that I haven't been able to update this website. I haven't forgotten it by any means, but I did have to go "In search of..." more relevant material that I'll soon be using here and the CAW Forums. I lost my internet connection due to Identity Fraud. Someone named "Donna Wilson" used my SSAN# to get cable service from Comcast. My landlord cancelled the internet service he had for the house, but I couldn't get Comcast until this issue was resolved. Meanwhile, I haven't been idle - I've been coloring a lot of images using paint.net, and I'm slowly studying GIMP. I think I lost my PS5 program due to the Windows 8.1 DRM. I never should have "upgraded" - it did me no good at all..

Viracocha I'm about ready to rejoin CAW and pay all of the back dues I owe. Actually, I've never left! I've been concentrating on getting the 12 Riverss Nest Started. I've also been digging a lot deeper int "Harry Potter" It's NOT a children's book! That's all I've say about this project for now. I'm almost ready t launch a new Tarot deck which I'll discuss at length in the near future...

11/09/14: What happened on October 31? I was in the Kaiser Permanente Hospital Emergency Room with a seriously infected right arm. I've been ill and sore for a week or more, and the infection. It seems that everything that I've had from spasms in my back to pains in my left side decided to chime in, and the illness left me a present - another finger is permanently bent forward 90 degrees.. My image retouching has come to a halt, because I have to use my right hand for that. I simply need time to recover.

07/17/14: The US Regime is about to do something much like the FDR Administration did to turn his undeclared war against Japan and Germany into an officially declared war. But, the present regime or its successors will not declare a formal war because They haven't yet decided how they will create the 'causa bello' (false flag) to bring it about. This new False Flag will be something far more terrible than 9-11, it will have to bad enough to cause the war weary "Mer'can people" to demand that "We" do something. It doesn't matter that most Mer'cans still won't want another war, they'll just say something like the polls show that they do, or they'll just lie again.

alien landscape Though it could be over the Ukraine, I think that this is probably a feint before the Regime intervenes in the Middle East, starting with Syria and Iraq, and it will draw in more countries as it progresses. We are quickly leaving the "Sitzkreig" war of words, and troops and supplies are openly being moved into position for the coming hot war to start. The US Regime and their masters are desperate to keep he petro-dollar from going down. ISIS has a lot of money from the US to cause major trouble, and they are a wholly owned CIA operation. They're on the borders of Saudi Arabia, and a "loose cannon" rouge army attacking Saudi would be a perfect pretext for the ObamaNation or his successor (if we last that long). China wants to be paid back and there will be no "debt forgiveness". they want their "pound of flesh" - what the 'Mer'can Gov't promised them as collateral for loans that may approach $2 Trillion. I think "We've" also made assurances to the backers of "Aztlan" to give them a large portion of the Western states for a new "homeland". I'm not going to go much farther until the next FUTER comes out.

07/05/14: I just had Windows 8 reinstalled, but my internet connection was down until now. All of my programs were lost, but most of my files are still intact. I hope to start work on a new FUTER soon.

The WWIII "sitzkreig' rhetoric continues to be ramped up, and the defacto overthrow of the Constitution may move into de-jure status in the next year -probably a lot sooner. I'm reading reports that say there will soon be a shortage of meat and other foods because store deliveries are either being delayed or are 'late' - expect another sharp rise in food prices. Some banks aren't depositing checks and are making it difficult to withdraw cash over certain limits. Things in the USA are continuing to slowly disintegrate, and the MSM continues to paper it over with BS. meanwhile the dollar's real value is approaching toilet paper status.

          WWIII is still around the corner, because the Establishment still wants a war. But, so far the Mer'can people aren't very enthused about making insider war profiteers even richer when the war booty is divided up and distributed to them by the political class' at "Our" expense like in Iraq. Iraq should have been an eye opener, since the naked greed, profiteering and corruption was out in the open for everyone to see. I'm withdrawing The 2nd Geis because of a total lack of support. The time isn't right for it. However, the 1st one continues to work just fine.

Warning Snipers Ahead 06/05/14:My internet access was just destroyed when I used a program to try and erase adware. It destroyed the evil Tuvaro browser highjacker instead, a PUP that steals your homepage permanently on IE, Google, and Firefox, sends you unwanted search help, redirects you to their ad sites, totally destroys the use of Windows 8 apps like the "Store", and possibly steals passwords and financial info - and is all but impossible to safely remove. Then this "program" I used vanished - leaving several empty folders in its wake, and no internet access. Do NOT use Malwarebytes or anything starting with Adw* to remove "adware" if You've been attacked by the Tuvaro greedheads. Do NOT follow any internet directions to remove it if it tells you to use or advertises Malwarebytes. Make sure you use "advanced" install for any software you download from the 'net. Tuvaro seems to mysteriously install itself, but it's probably an "extra" added into the install of a program you do want. Also beware of downloaders that you must use to get some software. Also, do NOT install WinTools under any circumstances.

05/22/14:"We" are slowly losing what legal protections that have their roots as far back as the Magna Carta! .Do "Our" nation's laws make you feel safe anymore, when they are routinely being ignored and flouted by the not only by the Prexy, but by Congress, the Supreme Court, and federal and state LEOs across the nation? The ObamaNation is getting more and more out-of-touch with reality, lives within his own paranoid delusions, and increasingly rules by Executive Order (Decree). Dissidents and people who disagree with the Administration are no longer the 'loyal opposition' - they are now all Enemies and terrorists! Misbehaving LEOs now routinely shoot family dogs for sport, shoot suspects first and ask questions later, and their gross brutality against innocent citizens is reaching alarming levels, and US and foreign troops now practice martial law scenarios in major Mer'can cities...

          Can you trust the Establishment to safeguard you, your "rights" and your property any more (if you ever did?)? Are you afraid to call the police because you can't predict what they'll do when they come? Yes, it's getting that bad. The End of the Mer'can Empire won't happen because of economic collapse. Its End will come about through the Establishment looting its citizens into abject poverty, and that's already been done, but "we" still live in the illusions of 'prosperity' and 'freedom'.. It's no longer a time to trust everyone who says they're your 'brother' or 'sister' - it's just not healthy ... The Rules have Changed! But, you can still Question Authority! But expect to be beaten up or arrested for doing it. Not being able to question Authority is simple Tyranny...

Soviet Stonehenge 04/08/14:Something very odd happened in the USSR around 1954. A Replica of Stonehenge was built by the Department of Defense using modern equipment. It was dedicated by "druids"; "druid" ceremonies are done there; and the access to the Restavraciya site is still highly restricted and tightly controlled by them. They went to a lot of trouble and expense to build this site exactly like the original, though they did use concrete; towns were evacuated and rail lines were moved, etc. The USSR wasn't known for its "religious tolerance", so what the hell were they up to?? This is reminiscent of the scene in "Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark" where the Nazis tried to open the ark by impersonating the Levite Temple Priests.

03/21/14:I'm working on "coloring" some interesting B/W drawings of possible UFO beings by Mr. Christenson that he may have encountered in the new FUTER that I've found on the Internet. I'm currently learning to use Adobe Photoshop, but until I understand enough of it to be useful I'm mostly using MS Paint to redraw and transform these images into something new, and that takes time. It doesn't look like PS can replace Paint for drawing, but once they're drawn it will make touchup a lot easier. They take a long time to finish as I have to try to figure out and interpret what the original artist drew, for much of it is confusing, and several scenes are laid over each other, and there are several alternative interpretations. I'm also adding a few "improvements" along the way. The first two are in the Eostre FUTER..

03/09/14: UPDATE EU: ♫ Is suicide really painless? ♫ The insanity over the Ukraine isn't going away. The EU's unelected bureaucrats have to stop their self-medication and need to get back on their proper psych-meds as soon as possible before they do harm to themselves and others...

          Meanwhile - the sacking and looting of the Ukraine by the Western Bankster's wholly owned puppet Fascist gov'mint is well underway.

          In case y'all may think I'm just attacking the Dems, the clearly insane John McCain has been schmoozing around, associating himself with, and aiding "Our" barbaric Syrian Al-Qaida "allies". You know; Those "allies" whose bosom buddies allegedly crashed two airlines into the WTC on 9/1? "If the US/EU backed overthrow of the Ukrainian government last month had a face, that face would be Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)" (Lew Rockwell)...

03/08/14: Anyone hear about the Prexy's attempt to look tough for the White House presstitutes by shaking his phone while talking to Putin during a photo-op? It reminded me of Khrushchev's shoe pounding "We will bury you" speech at the U.N. Our 'macho' Prexy needs to get his feet back on a solid ground of Reality before it's too late...

"The U.S. government and the Russian government have both been forced into positions where neither one of them can afford to back down. If Barack Obama backs down, he will be greatly criticized for being "weak" and for having been beaten by Vladimir Putin once again. If Putin backs down, he will be greatly criticized for being "weak" and for abandoning the Russians that live in Crimea. In essence, Obama and Putin find themselves trapped in a macho game of "chicken" and critics on both sides stand ready to pounce on the one who backs down. But this is not just an innocent game of "chicken" from a fifties movie.

This is the real deal, and if nobody backs down the entire world will pay the price." http://whatreallyhappened.com/

          The bold and staggering propaganda-like misinformation coming out of the MSM about the Ukrainian "Revolution" is astonishing. This "democratic revolution" was actually led by Neo-Nazis who were overthrowing a "regime" that was actually the Ukraine's democratically elected government! Russia has a treaty with the Ukraine that allows it to station 25,000 troops in the Crimea. It currently has about 17,000 troops in the country - well below the treaty's allowance. The new government has passed a law outlawing several of the languages the hoi polloi speak, and the long standing Jewish population is very fearful of it's future there. Prexy ObamaNation's Administration is itching for a confrontation that can only lead to disaster - possibly a mega-disaster.

          Who knows what's really going on? Do the Banksters and the IMF want yet another country to bleed dry? It looks that way. Is this Administration out of touch with Reality and slipping into insanity? Yes, it has been that way for some time. Does Europe actually want to have their oil supplies embargoed by Russia, and another land war in Europe that could easily go nuclear?? What ever the motives of the People who pull the ObamaNation's strings really are, They clearly believe that Putin is bluffing; They believe that we have enough military and economic strength left to muscle "Our" way into the affairs of two major superpowers (Russia and China are on the same page with this, and many other things) without severe consequences; and that sanctions will put Putin back in his place. Their pride, arrogance, and hubris is amazing to watch in action. They are DEAD wrong, and 'Merca has already lost this one. "We" no longer have a military that can or is allowed to win wars. Are They are all but begging for a nuclear war? Mebbe. Sorry, Putin doesn't bluff. When he threatens nuclear war over an issue he means it! The rank hypocrisy of the U.S. gov'mint is also beyond belief. Didn't "We" just invade two countries without provocation, using lies and half-truths to start those wars. Poking the Bear for the hell of it is not a wise policy - it's pathologically psychopathic and insane. John Kerry, "Our" Secratary of State, is a Bonesman, of course. I believe that when Bonesmen are given half a chance, sometimes they rack up a trail of bodies in their wake. Some like "W" leave piles of bodies in their wake. The ObamaNation may make good speeches, and may soon become a real "strongman" at home, but his incompetence, weakness, indecisiveness, indifference, and cowardice are beginning to show through internationally The Prexy's Administration is up in the air on this one and falling fast - The ObamaNation has no solid ground to stand on in this deliberately created crisis...

02/18/14: I found this video to be interesting. It's long, but watching it is worth the trouble! My computer is now able to go online, but something I downloaded has blocked the Microsoft "Store. I've just noticed some things about Yahoo! hosting. It no longer supports the IMG ALT tag (it no longer displays on a mouse-over). Sometimes I used this tag to make snide remarks like "The Bernank prays to Satan", so I'm looking for a replacement for it. It also now supports the sale of certain words for third party advertising -Anything that has a double link line leads to a display ad. I have no control over these placements!. They also don't support slanted quotes - that's why parts of the Samhain FUTER had "junk" instead of a quote.

02/07/14: Is Russia's New 'Anti-Gay' Law really about what the US Gov'mint and the Establishment Mass Media claim it is? I believe that the Mainstream Media is misrepresenting what this law is about and Who it affects. The Gov'mint is also not telling the whole truth, but anything but the truth - in fact they're being very hypocritical. Not only does the USA have "allies" around the world with very harsh laws against gays, in many cases they are capital crimes in those countries. 'Sodomy' is still illegal in many US states, and the military's UCMJ makes it a federal crime (Of course, the UCMJ makes just about every offense in the military a potential federal crime). The USA has few, if any, federal laws against the discrimination of gays - Russia does. No, this is not about an anti-gay law - this is about the Gov'mint trying to score brownie points against a perceived adversary, and about the loss of business for 90 days if companies propagandize alternative life styles to minors and distributing it in Russia. This is really about Hollywood's global profits...

alien landscape 01/20/14: I'm currently having internet problems with my home computer and I don't yet know when it will be fixed. I'm not even sure that I can pay my ISP provider next month. So, for now it's back to the library to keep this site going. Because I'm on another computer, I can't upload the FUTER at this time.

01/01/14: I have to wish everyone a "Happy New Year!" a little bit ahead of time because my internet connection is currently down, and I'm borrowing one/ . Someone removed their computer physically from the wi-fi modem, so now it won't accept HTTP requests from my computer. Hopefully it will be back up soon. The FUTER has been delayed again because of these problems, and the fact that I've been having problems writing it.

          I don't think that 2014 may will be a 'good year' at all for most Mer'cans. A lot of evil things have been planned by TPTB and FEDGOV for the next few years that will make a lot of money for the first, and gain a lot more power for the latter. The US Gov'mint has a lot of outstanding ever-increasing interest to pay and They have made some nasty plans of their own to glom on to what ever they need to pay it. They have no intentions of ever paying back the principal and just about all of "our" international creditors know it. They're also running out of creditors who are willing to buy their new bonds to roll over the old debt - the buyer-of-last-resort, and probably the only lender left, is the privately owned Federal Reserve cartel. Govt half-truths and outright lies are getting even bolder and more frequent, and Prexy ObamaNation lies even when he doesn't need to - it's a compulsion. For example: Obama lied and lied about what Obamanation Care was really about and it's chock-full of sections that most people don't know about yet. Somehow, the Prexy can change laws all by himself without any further consultation or need of Congress. Also, under many circumstances the purchaser may find that they have to pay the subsidies they think they're getting back if they fail to directly report even minor changes in their income to the gov'mint. There's always a chance the the unconstitutional delays in O'care created by the Prexy will be rescinded and you'll have to pay the penalties anyways. (From what I understand I won't have to buy this awful, unaffordable, and abominable excuse for "health" insurance for a while since I already have Medi-Care, Medi-Cal, and VA healthcare benefits BTW, the "Happy New Years 14" image came from Infowars, but it was cropped a lot)...

12/24/13: I hope everyone had a Happy Yule, and I want to wish everyone a very "Merry Christmas!". I have no desire to become spiritually or "politically correct" either now or in the future. These beliefs may lose me some things, but that's OK. I recently read some news articles that reported that there are those that don't like Christmas very much. Their aims are to stop everyone else from publicly enjoying it. They trying to get companies and people use the politically correct, "Happy Holidays!" instead. They've stopped Christmas cards from reaching veterans in VA Hospitals, and the Army is now forbidding its troops from wishing others a "Merry Christmas!". They'll soon demand that public discussions of what Christians traditionally believe should be discouraged or be driven underground through social pressure. They'll want public Christmas celebrations to be socially unacceptable and they'll eventually want them to be driven indoors because "we" should be more "sensitive" over the beliefs and feelings of "others". I wonder how far They are willing to go?

          One of the multitude of reasons I call the Prexy the ObamaNation is that he's at least indirectly responsible for a marginalization of Christians in gov'mint in general, and the military in particular, because of what the people below him do when they believe that something like this will please him. Henry VIII allegedly wished aloud that it would be a good thing if a meddlesome priest (Thomas Becket) be removed: The phrase handed down by oral tradition is "Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?" [Wikipedia]. His lackeys allegedly carried out his 'wish' by murdering Becket in his church. Subordinates, sycophants, and lackeys hear rumors about what TPTB want and then slavishly carry them out regardless of what the consequences are - even if they weren't told to..

Looking Over the Fence, Again...

          Mer'can "Bible believing Christians" are quickly becoming a lot less popular, and the new "Christlam" gospel, prosperity sects, and xtianiod-like mega-churches are downplaying an increasingly shunned the traditional gospel for salesmanship, "smooth words", the "prosperity gospel", Chrislam, with large doses of elementary psycho-babble. The new aim of alot of xtian ministers is to become very popular, so they can build more mega-churches and become very successful and very, very rich. New Billy Graham-like crusades will no longer draw nearly the numbers of people they're used to. (Meanwhile, the Catholic Church is chasing its own tail, and preparing to evangelize the space aliens when they show up; The EU has mostly lost what xtianity it once had, and is slowly having a defacto conversion to Islam.)

          In a few years, Mer'can Bible believing Christians may be in a similar position as that of the Jews in pre-Holocaust Nazi Germany. How far this could go is still uncertain. Mer'ca's present course is towards an extremely vicious totalitarian Hard Fascism/Socialism. The concentration camps are ready, the rail prison cars are ready, the coffins are ready, the guillotines are ready, DHS are ready, the police are militarized and ready, the Elite's hidden bunkers are ready, and the military have done their field trials exercises for it,I think that some devastating false flags along with martial law have been planned for Mer'ca, and it will only take the right event(s) or just an excuse to bring it about.

12/12/13:The Xmas Tree is back and will be up for awhile after new years. I read that "Yahoo!"'s mail and business services have been erratic or down for awhile, so I would have had to have a late start anyway. I am going to try to get out a new FUTER in time, but I have to think about it first...

11/27/13 -- 11-31/13:I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving weekend. The following e-mail is from the Steve Qualye Website. In the Globalist ObamaNation Adminstration there seems to be a great hostility to Western religion in general, and Christianity in particular. I have tried to hint through a picture that Prexy ObamaNation doesn't like Christianity very much because he's a closet Muslim - among a lot of other unsavory things. Logically it follows that he is actually hostile to ALL religion he doesn't personally approve of, and it's very probable that he may really not approve of any at all! However, he has to make a public show of piety once in awhile to soothe and continue to fool the upset and angry masses just a little bit longer. If that's the case then it's all but a guarantee that he doesn't like Neo-Pagans either, and will eventually get around to us sooner or later!

"... [The] Church administrator [is]telling me that the church is requiring all home bible study groups leaders to register with LifeScan registry - a database maintained by the FBI"

... My family has been attending a fairly large church (6,000+ members) in Livermore, CA for the past 7 years. Last year the church started heavily promoting their member[s] to attend small groups or "life groups"; which are hosted in member's homes. About 4 months ago my family started hosting a bible study with some measured success and budding relationships among the members. Last week, out of the blue, I received and email from a church administrator telling me that the church is requiring all group leaders to register with [the] LifeScan registry - a database maintained by the FBI.

This new requirement is ostensibly to "Maintain a safe environment for members of the church"; It seems now the churches are complicit in building a data base of Christian leaders. It's one thing to read about it but it's quite another thing when I am confronted with this sort of things personally. I am confronted with this sort of things personally. Kind a brings it home...
"If this doesn't wake you up and make you furious, then you are a walking dead person - AKA a zombie". If not this, then what will." SQ

          Communist China does this sort of thing against any religious group that isn't officially registered, not in the USA - yet! All home churches and/or religious teachers of any sort will eventually have to be registered and the freedom to practice a religion as a group will be greatly diminished. If this can happen to members a large church in the USA, no matter what the faith, then it's only a matter of time before They will demand the same program for all the members of any informal groups within All 501.3c churches who are already limited on what they can say about politics and candidates. This means that CAW Nests - which are essentially study groups and home churches - will be in danger from the ObamaNation or his successors. This kind of stuff doesn't happen overnight. These kind of changes are made in incrementally small steps over time so any one change doesn't become a great shock to the masses, which just might wake up to what's going on...

           LifeScan is a registry that keeps people out of certain careers, like Board & Care Home Workers, because of their background and non-waivable criminal offenses that a regulatory body, like the California CDSS, for example, doesn't like, though it has the potential of becoming universal. I have one because I wanted to be a volunteer at one time. What the government might eventually want is a criminal background check history of both 'official' and 'non-official' religious leaders of ALL 501.3c tax exempt religious non-profits for unknown purposes. The IRS has already been playing games with 'political 'non-profits they or their bosses don't approve of (an future crackdown on 'political' non-profits is also being planned). If this becomes a general regulation then CAW's Proto-Nests, as well as CAW Nests. will be coming under closer scrutiny. The only alternative will be holding these meetings informally, outside of a tax exempt non-profit org. An example of a


LIVESCAN Request form (CDSS) is "LIC 9163 (3/11) - Request For Live Scan Service - Community Care Licensing".

imam ObamaNation

Some of The ObamaNation
Administration's Globalist Goals

"Judge a man by what he does, not by what he says. It is quite apparent that Obama has goals of leadership are far different than anything the rank and file of this country could have imagined when he was elected. His goals can be summarized as follows:

  1. Deindustrialize the United States through the introduction of cap and trade.

  2. Continue George W. Bush's job of destroying individual constitutional civil liberties through greatly expanding the police state surveillance grid.

  3. Drive America over the financial cliff through a devastating increase in America's debt.

  4. Push America into a brand of socialism from which it can never recover through the introduction of Obamacare. [[and force others onto Medicaid]]

  5. Firmly install a program of eugenics, front and center, through the introduction of grossly inefficient, treatment-denying and horribly expensive healthcare.

  6. Significantly weaken America's ability to defend herself.

  7. Criminalize the act of being a Bible-believing Christian. [[and eventually any creed or religion that teaches anything contrary to or merely different from Fundamentalist Islam -- SS]]

          The American middle class is under extreme attack from this president and there is no end in sight. Obama is clearly the right communist, at the right time needed to push America over the cliff in a blitzkrieg series of attacks designed to destroy this country. We must first realize that these things have been done to us by someone who does not share in America's traditional values and is clearly not even an American citizen..."

ObamaNation is NOT the first 'Mercan Prexy to use the powers of his office to seriously undermine the USA's sovereignty, sell or allow the sale of its secret technology and its national secrets, destroy the economic security and economic well being of its Middle Class and poor people, and ruin its national reputation and trustworthiness in the world. Neither will he the last one. It's just that his constant serial lying, cover ups, and his dodgy actions on the behalf of his money-junkie and NWO controllers are becoming more obvious as they become more blatant. His open contempt for the Constitution and the rule of law is becoming apparent even to the most apathetic of the sheeple. Congress and the MSM as a whole are not much better.

"Treason doth never prosper: what's the reason? Why if it prosper, none dare call it treason." John Harrington

          Almost all of the nation's politicians from both major parties, its senior officials, and its senior administrators belong to the same globalist in-groups, 'think-tanks', and social clubs. All of them eventually abjectly bow before the same financial money-junkie Masters (the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank and "our" foreign creditors) or they have no future career in politics. The officials often come into government from executive positions in very influential corporations (especially from Wall St. and the FIRE (Financial, Insurance, and Real Estate) economy nowadays) Then they move back to the companies they came from with an enhanced resume and a much larger income, a book deal, aim to get rich of the rubber chicken (speech) circuit.

Cicero said it best:

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly.

...But, the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.

For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men.

He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague."

;          Bluntly -- If the ObamaNation Administration is allowed to get away with labeling Evangelical Christians and Catholics as domestic terrorists alongside the KKK and Al Qaida, which both Homeland Security and the military have done already, then No one, especially veterans, patriots, libertarians, dissenters, internet blogosphere, and the alternative news that hold any beliefs or views - religious, political, etc - that the ObamaNation Administration (or any future 'Resident dislikes is at risk of being "disappeared" in the New Amerika. It's only a matter of time before dissent or disagreement with the ObamaNation will be a defacto crime and extrajudicial secret and indefinite imprisonment of "terrorists" will be used This means NO Habeus Corpus, no probable cause, no search warrants, no due process, and no public trial will be made available. These are former rights that no longer apply to Mer'cans - it's already the law.

          End Game for 'Merca and your survival has arrived - the 'jig' is now up. This nation owes so much money to so many creditors that it will NEVER be able to pay them back in the future, and will not be able to even pay the interest very soon - and the creditors know it. There will soon be a scramble between China (who holds $trillions of US Government debt), other creditor nations like Japan, and the reckless derivative gamblers who are gambling away your bank deposits (who have legal priority on collecting their bets over everyone else when the financial system goes down for the last count). The insolvent Banksters (who are now allowed to count your deposits as unsecured loans, legally own your deposits) will be in a fierce and vicious race over who can repo the USA the fastest when TSHTF.

          Martial law can now be declared on the whim of the 'Resident without needing any reason at all - in peacetime and without a national emergency. Rule by executive order already gives the president the ability to control all the assets in the United States -- all private property, all transportation, all commerce, all communications, all energy resources, all labor, etc, can be put under gov'mint control whenever the ObamaNation wants to do it. This means that we already live under a soft martial law, and a hard dictatorship can be imposed at any moment. The only reason we're not their yet is that They don't yet have complete control over the population - that's what the new anti-gun laws are all about - They are tying up loose ends. "We" now live in a post-constitutional banana republic. The gov'mint is now pretty much just showbiz, and the Demo-publicans are just actors in a professional wrestling show. There is no rule of law anymore, almost all the rights that you think you have are already gone - they're History...

          Meanwhile, the ObamaNation has begun purging senior military officers who he believes are obstacles in the way of his future designs for 'Merca. The real reasons to remove them may be that they probably don't like his plans for the downsizing, emasculation, and the eventual planned destruction of our armed forces. Maybe it's because they wouldn't swear personal loyalty to the ObamaNation, or because it's been determined that they will hesitate in using the military to wage war on 'Mercan citizens in the USA when the greatest economic implosion and wealth transference in history gets rolling, and there's a possible invasion or nuclear attack on the US in "our" near future.

09/20/13:Update, etc: [Obama *blinked* and was forced to back down this time because of Vladimir Putin - but they still want to do it to cover up the gigantic financial mess the Central Banksters an the Wall Street greed-head money-junkies have gotten "Us" into, so it's still on the front burner. It looks like the ObamaNation Administration and the usual bloodthirsty NWO wanna-be Globalist war-criminals like John 'Bones-man' Kerry , Sen. McCain, and Sen. Graham still have plans to start a war - any war - and they are still gung-ho for more mass murder to make certain favored Upper-Uppers even richer and more powerful at the expense of everyone else. Whenever a 'bonesman' like Kerry is involved they often leave a trail or a pile of dead bodies in their wake. It looks like They are still immune to public opinion, logic, common sense, or mercy; and They will not see reason on Syria after all, regardless of any treaties They sign. It looks to me like They're eventually going to go for IT somewhere, no matter what the awful consequences will be. IMHO, the bulk of the ObamaNation's idiotic and hypocritical policies will be extremely horrendous for the USA. "We" have no friends left in the world, many nations will gladly applaud when "We" are taken down a few notches or even destroyed. No one wants to buy the gov'mint's burgeoning debt any more except the Fed, and they're desperate to take the heat off the ObamaNation's scandala, and the soon-to-be economic collapse. There have been reports that military units are being called back to duty on Monday and are they are being told that Syria is on. They have NOT given up on their road to a Syrian war. They are still arming and training their paid-for Al-Qaida radicalized mercenary losers, and They still want to put "boots-on-the-ground" - no matter what They are saying to the MSM pressitutes for public consumption. Someone once said, "By their fruits you shall know them"...

Meanwhile, For the average Mer'can the US economy is not in any sort of recovery, and the 'Publicans in the House just voted to reduce food stamps by over a $billion and introduced another provision to make recipients join a workfare program - isn't that grand. The Fed doesn't want to "taper" its $85 billion a month to "aid" Wall street bese can't do it without an implosion of the economy - and They don't yet have their plans ready and fully in place to do that just yet - but it's coming soon - the money-junkies want to eventually own everything of any consequence in the world They don't own already.

..."They are continuing with the propaganda that the economy is getting better, they will push the unemployment rate down again, they will show housing is improving and the stock market will continue to hit all time highs. In the meantime precious metals will continually be pushed down to keep the illusion going. Timing is everything, they need some other country to blame for this collapse, and right now with the US, Russia and Syria working on this chemical weapon deal the villains are not in front of the people's faces. So they will need to create a false flag to put the villains right in front of the American people's faces to start the war they need, they want, that they believe is the only way to cover up what is coming. Then the FED will start the illusion of tapering which will be interrupted by the event"... http://x22report.com/daily-alerts

09/14/13:Update:Our Marxist Prexy ObamaNation, Sen. John McCain, and Sen. Lindsey Graham, and the other strident warmongers in 'Our' gov'mint 'leadership' will have to wait a little while longer before they can attempt another go-around at attacking Syria or Iran, or mebbe even North Korea in the near future. This one small setback DOES NOT MEAN that these lying criminal psychopaths have given up on their new bankster's war by a longshot. These series of wars were planned more than a decade ago. They will not give up on it so easily!

... The world hates America because our government is murdering millions of innocent people and depriving millions more of their freedom much in the same manner as our government is depriving freedom of American citizens in our own country. The moral depravity of our leaders knows no bounds and this is why the world hates America... [[the emphasis is mine]] http://www.thedailysheeple.com/#sthash.GYOn5FwR.dpuf

          IMHO, The ObamaNation Administration and their Globalist and financial money-junkie Masters, who pull the strings of these political sock puppets, still want this war - any war - in a very bad way. They will literally stoop to anything and stop at nothing to get it - including using a tried and true method - the 'False Flag' by creating some horrendous incident like an A-bomb attack on North Carolina (which Sen. Lindsey Graham has threatened) on Mer'ca in order to blame it on the nation(s) they want to go to war with and ultimately prey on.) Besides the usual reasons of greed and the desire to control others, I think that they also want and need a major distraction from the imploding economy of the near future so someone else can be blamed for it, and to distract people away from the major scandals of the ObamaNation Administration.

09/06/13: Who Has Crossed the Red Line?The ObamaNation's upcoming war with Syria, and possibly Russia and China is a classroom that is even now is revealing some important observations, insights, and object lessons on the banality of evil of the insane psychopaths rulers on both sides. "Our side" ;-( wants to put a pipeline through Syria to more easily transport natural gas to Europe and force a private central bank and the Petrodollar down the throat of Syria, and eventually Iran, and their backers, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, have offered to pay for the war that is needed to accomplish it. The other side is comprised of an often brutal dictator who despite his vast shortcomings as a human being is able to keep a relative peace in his country. His allies have their own materiel shopping lists, and their goal is to get these natural resources solely for themselves...

bill of rights free zoneThe map at the left shows the U.S. Constitutional Amendment 'Free' Zone where your civil rights allegedly no longer exist. It is approximately 100 miles inward from a international border or a body of water (Atlantic and Pacific, etc.) They just haven't got around to telling you about that yet - you'll find out the hard way when the time comes when it becomes clear that the gov'mint takes this absurd notion very seriously.

If you don't have a Facebook account, then don't get one if you have any feelings at all about giving them explicit and unlimited permission to use all the information you've provide to them for their unlimited commercial purposes. If you already have one then don't add any more personal information - especially images of yourself or others - that you don't want used in any way they see fit.

If the changes take effect, the letter said, "Facebook users who reasonably believed that their images and content would not be used for commercial purposes without their consent will now find their pictures showing up on the pages of their friends endorsing the products of Facebook's advertisers."

... "Remarkably, their images could even be used by Facebook to endorse products that the user does not like or even use," added the letter from the Electronic Privacy Information Center, Center for Digital Democracy, Consumer Watchdog and three other groups...

... Under the newly proposed policy, Facebook says, "You give us permission to use your name, profile picture, content, and information in connection with commercial, sponsored, or related content."

Activists said this allowed Facebook to turn virtually all user data into advertising. http://www.breitbart.com/system/wire/CNG---ed7a7424d5a0065acda9be7e873ec657---151

...they already have all your info, you gave it to them and you aren't getting it back. It's a little late in the game to bail out of FB as if, that makes it all better, and you're safe now. Having said that though, this is part of what it takes from us, the saying "NO!" to their system... -- http://www.stevequayle.com/index.php?s=33&d=571

The US gov'mint wants you to forget about their history of using chemical weapons.

An international cabal of ruthless Central Banks, Too-Big-To-Fail Banksters, and their blood thirsty Globalist 'fellow travelers', many of them who are in influential gov'mint positions, don't care at all if They bring about a nuclear war if it will prop them and their failed credit economy up just a little bit longer, fool the gov'mint leaders into helping them continue to play their thieving financial, gambling, monopoly games yet again, and thereby gain absolute power in the bargain through their schemes, no matter what the cost to the rest of us is - even if it means the death of millions or even billions of people!

          You know, It's just us peasants, who They dismiss as merely exploitable sub-humans, who will pay the Piper when the bill comes due. Their deceived puppets, dupes, and useful idiots in high places are right now being pressured to Do It! The people they are extorting to do this think so highly of themselves that they don't understand that they'll also be discarded after their temporary usefulness is over.

          They Want It NOW! These Psychopaths/Sociopaths at the 'top of civilization' think they can create a New World Plantation. They figure that They'll only need to keep about 1 billion techno-peasants around (and I'm being generous), that are just smart enough to run the machines and do the grunt work, but not too smart to figure out how to effectively resist the NWO once it is in place. They've done the same sort of things in the past to start WW I and WW II, as well as other modern wars - and They're coming back for one last hurrah to take it All.

          These Globalist goals and plans for New World Order! have been discussed openly for years for all to read and see, but a great majority of us were too engrossed in our daily lives to listen closely enough to Their Agenda and that Make no mistake - They are very deadly serious about their plans for total World Domination. They have already set up some places for you to live in the new political dispensation, paid with your tax money, that you definitely won't like.

          If ya'll have any sense you'll get your money out of The-Too-Big-To-Fail Banks ASAP, or you will soon be forced to take some nicely printed stock certificates in exchange for your stolen confiscated deposits to help bail-in these worthless, insolvent, bankrupt banks.

          Mer'ca is no longer a Republic where our so-called representatives listen to what we say - we're irrelevant to their schemes and machinations. For instance, there is now a 'Constitutional Rights Free Zone' around the perimeter of the U.S.A. for 100 miles inland from any border or body of water (like the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans). In this zone you already have no Constitutional Rights, and most people don't know about it yet. We will officially find out about very soon.

"We are down to the wire on whether we will have to suffer a potentially nuclear global war as a sacrifice to the money-junkies and their little game of financial crash leading to world war that they have already played on us twice before." http://whatreallyhappened.com

superman obama 09/03/13: Special Update:I know that writing Congressmen and Senators is mostly a waste of time, and using e-mail has even less influence on Them. But, you may at least get a nice form letter back thanking you for expressing your opinions. They really don't care about your opinions if you're not one of their big campaign contributors or an influential Globalist elitist - but it may be worth something as a vain and futile proof of tangible hope that They haven't gone, or are being pushed, into complete and total psychopathy.

Events are now moving rapidly to accomplish the next step in the agenda of the globalists that will lead us into the unimaginable horrors of World War III. With each passing day, each passing hour, the curtain is being lifted a little more to expose the true agenda of the psychopaths and sociopaths who are leading the charge of war in our name, with our money and despite our apparent collective reluctance... http://www.homelandsecurityus.com/

          The ObamaNation's next push for war with Syria will be going to the Congress and they are expected to rubber stamp it. If They don't he may do it anyway. He's taking it to them because 90% of the 'Mer'can people are against it and a great majority of US "allies" and the UN want nothing at all to do with it, and the ObamaNation needs to climb down from the tree branch he's perched on before someone cuts it down. It was already scheduled to start in Syria before the current poison gas misinformation campaigns started. This is another Oily War, for Qatar and Saudi Arabia are supporting the war, and are willing to pay for it, because they either want a pipeline or control of Syria's oil as well. This war is expected to rapidly spread regionally - until much of the world will somehow be involved whether they like it or not - which constitutes a World War.

          The main purposes of this next war is NOT about the alleged use of poison gas by Syria's Assad regime!! Nor does it have any urgency: after being told that Britain didn't want to play - the ObamaNation went playing himself by going golfing! One blog gives their "Top 9 real reasons to go to war in Syria" The ObamaNation allegedly wants war to punish the Syrian regime because he feels that the Assad regime used nerve gas, etc on his mercenaries. The nerve gas was actually used by the US's Islamist blood-lusting mercenaries and they have admitted it. The 'freedom fighter' mercenaries are actually fighting a proxy war against Russia and Iran's other allies and business partners to deny them access to material resources that the US gov'mint wants to steal and give to its favorite Big Businesses. Iran has already been targeted by these world-class psychopaths, and they'll be the next victim if the ObamaNation somehow succeeds in getting his abominable Syrian Vanity War started - and somehow "wins" it - even if he has to arrange a false-flag operation to do so.

          Iran doesn't sell its oil in dollars and they have no private central bank, and these are major, major 'sins' to the financial powers-that-be. There are other mainline 'reasons's as well. It will line the pockets of the Federal Reserve (who wants to finance it by giving us even more outlandish Public Debt to pay interest on, which will give them even more leverage and control over the gov'mint); the Military Industrial Complex (Who will be awarded new huge, juicy arms contracts); and The Globalists, who want more and more global Chaos to get the people of the World to demand and beg for their already scripted 'final solutions' to them - from these very same folks who caused all the chaos and misery in the first place). This is just a game to Them, but they hate losing - even if it means the extinction of the human race!...

But those pushing war are desperate. The usual tactic of lies to the public to invent a cause for war is not working any more in this age of the internet.

Desperate people will take desperate chances...

          It's also a way to create a very huge distraction from the increasing poverty of the 'Mer'can Middle Class', the decline of zealous patriotism for the Cause (because even the sheeple are beginning to wake up), the large increase of desperate people who need food stamps and gov'mint assistance to survive, and getting the citizen's minds off the abysmal state that the Elites have brought to them through their greed and their hatred of most of humanity...

...Will the US government listen, NO, they will do whatever they want regardless of what the people say. They need this war to cover up the [economic]collapse...

...Iran realizes that war is coming, there is no stopping it ... they need to control the natural resources of all middle east countries...

...This war will be used by the central bankers/US government to control all natural resources and keep these countries using the dollar as the reserve currency. If the central bankers/US government cannot do this the dollar collapses... http://x22report.com/

08/22/13:There is a news story from La Figaro, a French newspaper, that guerrilla fighters from the Free Syrian Army have been released across the Syrian border from Jordan and are headed toward Damascus. [Others have picked up the story that CIA-trained mercenaries are being sent there.]

          These fighters, according to reports have been trained by U.S. military, CIA operatives and Jordanian and Israeli commandos. A first wave of about 300 fighters were released into Syria on August 17 and a second wave on August 19, according to the paper.

          They're there to support the mostly Al-Qaeda oppressors torturers rapists pillagers fanatics murderers mercenary losers already in the country. It is time to protest against these lying false flag operations which are being used to start another chapter in the New World Order's on-going coup etats for the Islamo-Fascists "democracy" in the Middle East, and the deep yearnings to eventually attack the already been planned attacks on Iran which will lead to a confrontation with Russia and China.

          Some of the many rationales behind these plots are to misdirect attention from the ObamaNation's scandals, the US Government's on-going bankruptcy, the economy's upcoming implosion and the future loss of its reserve currency status, and to take people's attention off of the EU's current economic troubles. Others who hope to greatly benefit from this "intervention" in Syria are the private central bankster cartel greed-heads and the military industrial complex arms dealers who are also behind all of these yearnings is. Please the full article about this at What Really Happened.

"Everyone needs to go out to their social media, email lists, and the corporate media websites, and post the following two questions.

  1. Why would Syria's Assad invite United Nations chemical weapons inspectors to Syria, then launch a chemical weapons attack against women and children on the very day they arrive, just miles from where they are staying?

  2. If Assad were going to use chemical weapons, wouldn't he use them against the hired mercenary army trying to oust him? What does he gain attacking women and children? Nothing! The gain is all on the side of the US Government desperate to get the war agenda going again.

... US trained and equipped forces are already across the border into Syria, and US naval forces are sailing into position to launch a massive cruise missile attack into Syria that will surely kill more Syrians than were claimed to have died in the chemical attack.

Obviously, we cannot stop this madness. The US Government is listening to Wall Street and Israel and cares not what the American people think.

But what We The People can do, must do, is send a message to the world that we do not believe the war-starting lies by the US Government. We know this is a repeat of the same lies we were told about Saddam's nuclear weapons.

The US Government is lying, and people are dying.

Send a message to the world that the American people do not support this latest aggression, and we will not stay silent while more innocents are murdered."

08/21/13:This is going to be a long one - it should be a FUTER, but there may be little time left - it's coming very shortly. It's time to 'batten down the hatches', if you can. We peasants are about to see the opening of the next chapters of the NWO agenda-driven dramas that our Dear Leader and his masters have secretly plotted for decades and are in store for all of us. It will start to unfold in the coming months, and possibly weeks. The Syrian 'uprising' by paid Western mercenaries and Al-Qaeda thugs is losing badly, and the arms shipments to them that were once stored in Bengazi Libya by the CIA are being replaced and will be shipped by alternate routes. The Washington D.C. pinheads refuse to accept that the people will no longer believe that their forced 'democracy' building schemes work when the evidence clearly says they're not working. Their rationalizations for it are all crap - it's really about forcing a private central bank on the countries that don't want one, glomming the natural resources and keeping 'our' oil in our hands, and defending the gov'mint's failing Petro-Dollar Reserve Currency schemes. Their de-stabilization of the entire Middle East (and elsewhere) just isn't working out the way they expected it to - what they got instead was Disaster - a major clusterf@ck.

          What They really want is a future WAR 'kinetic action' against Iran to hide their financial and their spiritual bankruptcies. However, they are woefully ill-equipped to fight such a war - all the troops that they would need are exhausted from the previous ill-conceived wars in Iraq and 'Afghulistan' ;-> , and they're also thinly stretched elsewhere around the globe. However, They still want their 'kinetic action' in Iran though, even when They have to know that it will directly lead to a confrontation with Russia AND China, at least a regional war, and the inevitable consequences it will lead to - a nuclear WWIII. Do They really think that They can fool or coerce Putin into not defending Russia's interests in the region or elsewhere, or getting him to believe that They're not doing what They're doing? Do They really think he's that stupid?

          I suspect that things will start to get hot and heavy around late September to the early weeks of October, but it is possibly close to October 1st because that's a major deadline set by the TSA for delivery of emergency supplies, MREs, and millions of rounds of ammo. The pre-positioning of troops and weapons are quietly being done, and the TSA preparedness training for a future martial law scenario will be completed by then, and The FEMA concentration camps are already prepared. I think that it's possible that Janet Napolitano left the TSA because even a sociopath like her couldn't stomach what They have planned for all of us in the near future.

          There are going to be a lot of layoffs soon. If you are soon-to-be unemployed and planning to take money out of your 401(k) prematurely to cover for your lost income, then you need to know that there is more than the widely known heavy penalties from the IRS for doing so. You need to know that...

... another unadvertised feature of 401(k)s in recent years is state and federal governments use of 401(k) withdrawals by the unemployed to disqualify them from receiving unemployment insurance 'UI' benefits. Consider how many of the millions unemployed have learned the hard way that the exits have closed and what it means for their families, as others wait to find out...

[[If]] your name is not on the 401(k) account, you (and other plan participants) are not authorized to request account statements nor access your 401(k) account - because you do not have one. That is because what you see in your on-line account statement is a digital entry of what you (think) have when .. provided reports and .. also states it can not ensure the accuracy of such figures. When the reporting went dark, you come to know that the true holder of the 401(k) account is the 401(k) plan administrator who has sole access and authority over the 401(k), even after the company closed...


          Just about all of what comes out of the ObamaNation's stooges and the MSM are convoluted misdirection, sleight-of-hand, misinformation, distraction, and - of course - bold outright bald-faced lies. For example:

... "Folks there is talk about China defaults, China credit crisis, Chinese citizens leaving the mainland in flight because of an inevitable crash of their economy. I tell you that this latest string of news is pure and complete Anglo-American banking bovine excrement of the finest caliber. Yes the numbers in China currently do not look good but it is a massive distraction from the numbers that the Banksters do not want you to see in the US. China is a kid in the ER with flue. We are the terminal cancer patient in the hospice with doctors deciding how to pillage the remaining insurance money on needless surgery."

... "In the coming weeks you will here many a fear mongering in western media as to the plight of China. Do not believe them. We are in the final stages were any and all distractions are used to divert, distract, and acquiesce the population of this nation. Why? Simple there is a bit more resources that is to be wrung out [[first]]. They will be coming for your homes and your land. Folks there is NO MONEY in WALL STREET!!! THERE IS NO ECONOMY IN THIS NATION [[anymore!!!]]...

... when the central banks are the main sustainers and drivers of all global economic activity, to the point that a market will implode without their constant stimulation, you do not have an economy, What you do have though is the maniacal world of tyrannical, despotic, banksters who play an imaginary game of Corporatism, their Monopoly. The Casino Prison Camp that we call America...

So, who are Obama's masters besides the usual suspects of the New World Order? (It should be noted that Michelle Obama is a high ranking member of the Council on Foreign Relations and she may also be his 'handler') Here's what others are thinking:

"The President just will not listen [[to his subordinates]] and if someone has an opinion he knows he does not want to hear, he just ignores them or cuts them out of the loop."

"... [[however,]] This President has a 'past' that can be and is being used against him to blackmail (NPI) him. I strongly suspect that the Hollywood/Gay/Porn Industry/Pedophile/Human Trafficking Networks (they all work together, many of those porn stars in those porn video clips have been trafficked and are in slavery) who gave him so much money [[that they]] have him by his proverbial genitals and are not going to let go"...

"His wife has been forced to support much of the Presidents 'gayness'. She has little choice. Both are in a vice. The two still do not sleep under the same roof, even when they are forced to travel together. She has her own hotel, separate from her Husband. ... Politics aside, she more [of] a prisoner than a First Lady. They had her doped up once before when they needed to 'control' her. She knows they can do it again... or worse if she does not play the role of the Gay supporting happy First lady." (source WATSON'S WEB)

I suspect that there will be a quicky divorce when or if or when Obama leaves office.

For once, Conservatives, Liberals, and Libertarians agree: the Federal Government is out of control and is spying on its own citizens on an unprecedented scale. The level of corruption and manipulation in DC has reached ridiculous levels where they have stopped even pretending to be honest and are openly demonizing those who tell the truth about their illegal actions. The truth of the matter is that our banking system and our current government are headed for collapse. The levers of power (media, military, money printing) are in the hands of wicked people who have sought them out and who are intent on abusing that power. The bankers admit that their goal is to implement a new world order with a global currency and a global transaction tax. The military industrial complex is now running the government of the US and has the power to identify, incarcerate, and kill anyone who they think is a meaningful threat to their plans"...

..."[[A]] Violent transformation of our society is what they have planned for our immediate future"...

"They are buying ammo in massive quantities to use against us. They are conditioning our police to shoot pregnant mothers who refuse to be disarmed. They are militarizing our local police with tanks and preparing them for a currency collapse type event (that either they know is coming or are orchestrating themselves in order to facilitate the radical transformation of our society that they are seeking). Don't waste any more time denying it. You know its true. And if you aren't sure its true, then take a day off and research it yourself so you can deal with your doubt and move on. It's time to wake up."

08/02/13:"The list of just how much will be lost [[in a major civilization breakdown]] that modern humans have become totally reliant on to live is absolutely staggering. With a civilization collapse you can expect much to be lost immediately, then gradually over the next few hours to days that list will continue growing and expanding to frightening levels.

The following list exemplifies just how much a person has to lose if they have failed to prepare themselves for emergencies. After a large enough catastrophe, the recovery time frame can be very long term, or potentially never for certain critical needs.

  1. No clean water coming out of the faucets to drink.
  2. No hot or cold water to shower, bathe with or wash your hands.
  3. No washing machines or dishwashers to clean your clothes or dirty dishes.
  4. No flushing toilets.
  5. No heat or air conditioning, not even fans.
  6. No light at night.
  7. No grocery stores or home delivered food, no restaurants, no food period.
  8. No trash pick up of waste that will mound up and collect strong diseases.
  9. No medications, especially antibiotics, or simple over the counter remedies either.
  10. No vitamin or mineral supplements to help keep your body from breaking down.
  11. No 911 help service at all.
  12. No mechanical transportation with any fuel to run anything.
  13. No protection, no law enforcement.
  14. No communications; no internet, no TV, no radio, no clue what is going on.
  15. No phones, no way of talking to people miles away, cut off and blind.
  16. No refrigeration, no freezers, no food preservation from going bad quickly.
  17. No stoves or microwaves to cook food.
  18. No easy prepare meals.
  19. No toilet paper, and no good alternative to toilet paper to those unaware.
  20. No feminine toiletries.
  21. No pest control against animals and insects that are very hazardous to your health.
  22. No utilities; no gas, no electricity, no way to make anything function in your home.
  23. No advanced warning of weather, war, or other life threatening events.
  24. No odor control from rotting wastes and rotting corpses that stink too bad to mention.
  25. No healthy food to maintain proper nutrition, leading to sickness and weakness.
  26. No proper basic hygiene and bacteria control on the body, especially the teeth.
  27. No repair of tooth cavities or other life threatening oral problems.
  28. No pain control, no aspirin, no way to ease pain like from a bad tooth.
  29. No basic first aid to treat minor injuries that will become major.
  30. No replacements for worn out clothes, shoes, socks, underwear.
  31. No replacement parts to fix something that is broken.
  32. No soap or disinfectants.
  33. No outdoor protection from the elements such as sunburns.
  34. No safety net that society provides. No welfare, no assistance, no government food.
  35. No sexual protection from the wide array of deadly diseases that are transmittable.
  36. No treatment for the sick and dying.
  37. No modern power tools to repair all that will be broken, no workable anything.
  38. No way of cleaning up messes that range from irritating to hazardous.
  39. No care, no help, no chance for medical needs of infants and children.
  40. No protection against rabies.
  41. No means of easing chronic depression that will be very widespread and intense.
  42. No outlets of entertainment to distract people from the overwhelming despair and fear.
  43. No familiar and basic everyday needs that give comfort and security to most people.
  44. No way of getting to family and friends because of distance, or too dangerous to even try.
  45. No respectable way of laying to rest someone dear to you.
  46. No way of protecting yourself and family from roaming gangs without enough firepower.
  47. No workable answers from rudimentary to complex problems that will present themselves often.
  48. No calling up your local professional help to repair something essential to you.
  49. No feeling of being civilized as losing everything and becoming dirty and unkempt does this to anyone.
  50. No way out without having prepared for such an enormous downfall of society.

          The need for society and human civilization to remain as close to "normal" and fully functioning cannot be over emphasized as it relates to the life and death of nearly 100% of our population if these systems cease to operate. The more modern a country is, the farther the fall will be to the bottom when the infrastructure fails to SUPPORT the people. The above 50 losses paint a very bleak picture and show the likelihood of a mass die off as almost certain with the breakdown of the foundation that keeps the masses upright. This doesn't have to occur to anyone willing to just say no to this addiction of letting society mollycoddle everyone into helpless baby birds unable to live without constant feedings.

This is a quick review of Obama's "Truthiness" - what everyone else calls lies and broken promises...

08/02/13:HEADS UP ALert!The US Government has just recently given orders to recall its diplomats from several countries around the world, mostly in the Middle East. This action clears the way for a probable US intervention in the Middle East or elsewhere, and makes the possibility of a regional and eventual global war (WWIII) coming very soon.

Washington has issued a warning around the globe, all embassies will be closed and all American citizens traveling are being warned. Be prepared for a false flag event.

http://www.homelandsecurityus.com/archives/9086#more-9086>"It is vital to understand that the embassy closures are a signal of the rapidly escalated intervention in the region by the US." www.homelandsecurityus.com.

"... This administration and every elected official [[involved]]... have painted us into a corner from which there is little hope for escape. We cannot trust anything we are being told, and nothing we are being told even remotely approaches the truth." http://x22report.com/


07/20/13:The old KGB's definition of "ideological subversion" was:

"To change the perception of reality, of every American, to such an extent that despite the abundance of information no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves, their families, their community, and their countrymen." KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov.

          I believe that this objective has been accomplished gradually over time, especialy by the last four 'Residents of the 'American Federal Empire'(AFE), for under their 'leadership' the Declaration of Independence's Unalienable Rights and the first ten amendments of the Constitution are no longer respected and have been replaced by Something Else. The Constitution's Bill of Rights have all but been destroyed, and Our Republic is down to running on fumes - it's almost over and done with - which will leave just the husk of what we once were, replaced by a neo-Stalinist or fascist state that used to be the Constitutional Republic called the United States of America, until the Globalists and the Western banksters force their notions of 'world governance' on anyone they can.

"The power of the dying empire is extreme."

"...Don't be fooled. It is like a star going supernova. This massive increase in government size and tyranny is the explosion that ends in a [black hole]. While the supernova may appear permanent, vibrant and creative while it is happening to those very close to it, it is really the end-stage of death unfolding." [http://www.barnhardt.biz/]

          Much of the population is bewildered and dumbed down to the point where they don't understand that the ObamaNation and his worshippers have almost finished their Globalist plans for their version of the "New World Order" (However, there are other Players in this Game with very different ideas on who should lead the NWO).

          They plan to loot or steal your pensions, retirements plans, and bank accounts, in the near future, to "bail-in" the failing TBTF banks to cover their irresponsible bets in the casino known as the derivative markets. They've just recently "borrowed" all the Federal employee's pension funds (Thrift Savings Accounts) in order to avoid going over the gov'mint's alleged Debt Ceiling. Will they ever see their money again? The Globalists don't intend for you and your family to be able to resist Them when They finish their hunch-brained Endgame conspiracies to make the AFE into a third world region by destroying the last vestiges of a once free nation. That's one of the reasons why they want gun control. They've been very busy eviscerating the dollar, and plan to 'pump and dump the economy' When that time comes the Federal Reserve will remove their QEs and let what's left of the economy sink into oblivion. "Centuries from now, you know what historians are going to look back and say? It will be something like, "'These people were so bleeping stupid and pathetic that they deserved everything they got in spades.'"..

07/18/13:The world, especially the USA, is getting more insane and irrational these days. This is a good article on what to do to keep your sanity, and possible your life, when much of the people have become sheeple - zombies - in these Strangelovian times that we live in.

One example is the near worship of the ObamaNation in many places. There is much that is unknown about him. Hopefully, this article will help...

07/11/13:Who is Barack Obama? How could the voters elect some one they knew practically nothing about? I admit that I voted for him the first time when he made vague promises of hope and change, but by the lastsecond election I could not support him any longer. He made a lot of promises that he actually had no intention of keeping. He continues to make false and misleading promises and statements on just about everything - including and what his intentions are for the next three and a half months remaining in his regime. Just what does he intend to do with his now heavily armed "homeland security" gestapo and the 15,000 Russian troops he has asked for from Russia for securiiity in "FEMA Region III"(?) [Washington DC] in the very near future?

"We are witnessing, under President Obama, the complete breakdown of the wall between party and state. The ambient left-wing tendencies of the bureaucracy--amplified by public-sector unions and by our nation's education system--have been sharpened into partisan tools to refashion society in the Democratic party's image and interest. To Democrats, that is not a scandal: they believe their party's interest is the national interest, and the media largely agree. Yet it marks the start of a decay that, if not stopped soon, will destroy our system of government."

          The average Mer'can isn't allowed to see much about the ObamaNation's life. His Administration is the most non-transparent one ever to occupy the White House despite his promise that it would be the most transparent one. He out does every other president in the opaqueness of his reign - including tricky Dick Nixon! He has allegedly posted a fraudulent on-line birth certificate, and is using someone else's Social Security number, and it's probable that href=http://www.debbieschlussel.com/4428/exclusive-did-next-commander-in-chief-falsify-selective-service-registration-never-actually-register-obamas-draft-registration-raises-serious-questions/>he didn't register for the Draft when he was supposed to, and has postdated the one he showed to the public. There is also very little information about his college days, his grade average or his graduation certificate. What is known is that he was mentored by unrepentant communists, worked along side with domestic terrorists; and was heavily influenced by his rabid socialist acquaintances. Somehow, his tepid and below average careers as a community activist, as a state and federal senator, and a very rousing speech at a Democratic Convention had somehow made him suitable for the 'Residency.

          I guess all of this really doesn't matter, like what really happened with in the Bengazi scandal and what it was about, which doesn't matter, because, according to Hillary, it allegedly happened a very long time ago; not to mention the numerous other scandals of the ObamaNation's regime. As long as the MSM refuses to report on the rank corruption, the secret courts and treaties, and the dark deals of the regime, then like mushrooms, we will increasingly be kept in the dark and fed bull crap. What's the big picture view?...

"When fewer people are in the labor force than since 1980; when 25% are unemployed, or maybe worse yet, underemployed in jobs that offer little hope for a better life, we are in peril. This country's upward momentum is being stifled by these lies. The wrongness of what is going on in this country is being covered by lies. This syndrome is worldwide as well. All major countries face this including China. The people who we've elected to lead us have abandoned us to a statistical Soylent Green. We've become nothing but voting blocks and campaign cash; told to chase one attractive tyrant or another while promised nirvana, hope, change, transformation and well-being by those who would lie to us to enslave us. What is our slavery? Believing that thin skein of lies constantly pumped out to keep us somnolent and unwary of some real and present dangers."

05/26/13:Xtianity is the proverbial "canary in the coal mine" when there is religious persecution both abroad and here at home (USA). For instance, the current Xtian persecutions abroad are often conflicts between it and radicalized Islam, or when the natives object to their proselytizing as in India. When a mostly Islamic Mid-Eastern or African country becomes "liberated" by overthrowing their dictator and replacing him with a "democratic" regime, often with aid from the West, those countries usually have been quickly taken over by the Islamists because they're usually the most organized 'political' organization there at the time. Otherwise, like in Iraq, the competing factions fight for control, and waves of sectarian violence and terrorism erupt when our troops left, and then the nation comes close to civil war. When this happens the Xtian community and other infidels, like the Copts in Egypt who have had a presence it those countries for millennia, have to flee, are driven out, or are/will be slowly exterminated. Discrimination against Xtians and conservatives is beginning to show its ugly head in the U.S. military. Soldiers, are being ordered not to surf Christian and conservative web sites on the Internet and forbidding chaplins to do pray for their parishioners, teach about or invoke the name of Jesus in church services or at funerals.

          Many of the boundaries in the Middle-East were arbitrarily created by the British who helped install many of the dictators there. It turned out that when those dictators are overthrown it becomes clear that they were the only thing that was keeping the friction between the feuding religious factions from erupting. These countries have no experience with democracy and it goes against their history, culture and religion. Meanwhile, in Europe waves of Islamic immigration there are slowly making Xtians a minority in these countries.

          Western meddlers like the "former Muslim" ObamaNation regime are either getting what they want - a Middle Eastern and African regional Muslim Caliphate - or they are pursuing a grossly incompetent foreign policy which has the potential of escalating a possible regional conflict to WWIII because the ObamaNation is allied with and working on Saudi Arabia's agenda...

04/21/13:I'm sorely tempted to wade into the deep end of the Boston Marathon bombing story, but much of the information about it is contrary and confusing when I watch it on satellite and read about it on-line. I'm not sure what's the truth and what elements are propaganda by the FBI, the Boston police, the MSM, the bloggers, and the conspiracy theorists at this point. The FBI is again trying to narrow down the complexities of it's case to just the two terrorist brothers to create another easy case for themselves. The official scenario and the FBI's official photographs and the one and only accepted scenario of events are misleading at best, and the worst sort of mind bending propaganda at worst. There are other photos and videos that show a group of mercenary types calmly walking away from where one of the bombs went off just before they exploded, bomb sniffing dogs and National Guard troops, and snipers on roof tops near the finish line show that the authorities were expecting something bad to happen. First it was an alleged terrorist drill, then that was denied; at first there was a gun fight between the police and Suspect #2 at the boat, then it magically didn't happen that way, then he allegedly cut his throat or he was shot in the neck. The city wide lockdown house-to-house search and the de facto martial law in Boston, the excessive amount of police resources used to hunt down one man, and the convenient attempt at suicide of Suspect #2 by shooting himself in his neck with only damage to his tongue so he can't speak are a bit suspicious...

03/29/13:I recently bought a new "HP All-In-One Pavilion" computer with "Windows 8", and with a little bit of help I got it to work. I was stumped over why the wireless keyboard and mouse wouldn't work and was making noises about taking it back (I didn't know it had a small radio receiver that fits in the back of it because there are no written instructions - just pictures!). Someone had to help me diagnose it and he found the problem. It comes with a "desktop" add-on that makes it easier to get started, as there is no 'Start' key - it was put in something called Charms. Heck, it even let me install my old 4440 HP printer!

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I had the eye surgery and my vision in my left eye is much better. I also have a birthday coming up on April 1st, the day after Easter...

03/05/13:My surgery went well and I should be up and running in a few days. However it will take some time for me to get used to seeing with only my left eye, as my right eye still is out of focus and dim...

03/03/13:Hopefully my eye surgery ie on Tuesday March 5th; and It will take a few days for me to recover. I'll soon be able to do the FUTER in time for Eostre and update ths site more easily...

11/24/12:I hope everyone had a excellent Turkey Day, and for those who endured Black Thrusday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday, I hope you are happy with all of the money you saved. I personally refuse to camp out in front of stores, almost get trampled by the mob, endure the madness of the crazed crowds of unruly and aggressive shoppers - in order to get a chance to get a discount on soon to be obsolete merchandise.

11/10/12:The Presidential election results in Califia went as expected, so my small rebellion against voting for the ObamaNation, for ignoring Califia, accomplished nothing - except my conscience is now clear and I am not "personally responsible" for what happens in the next four years of the ObamaNation 'regime'. Now that the election is over all the dirty little secrets his administration has been hiding ftom the public will slowly trickle down to the masses. It's aready happening - the head of the CIA has resigned over an affair and Hillary Clinton is deserting the sinking ship. Fool me omce, shame on you' fool me twice, shame on me!...

07/11/12: Islamicist Idiots Stupes Morons in Egypt want to demolish the Pyramids in order to have a more 'pure' Islam there. Calls to Destroy Egypt's Great Pyramids Begin mean that eventually thousands of tourists per year won't come there, as there is little reason to visit Egypt without seeing their 'Big Things' as George Carlin would have said. Tourists who want to see Egypt's heritage first hand will be deprived of an experiense that might just show them how the Egyptians progressed from Polytheism to Monotheism. Besides, tourism is a major industry -- the only thing they've got going for them...

07/08/12:There are a great amoumt of hidden documents that chronicle the hidden Evil and venal Stupidity in America's past in 'Above Top Secret' vaults going back as far as pre-WW II, hidden away from the citizenry, for the sake of National Security, which has to do with who funded the Nazis, the Communuists, and the Allies at the same time - even during WW II. 'Mercan banks and other rich people like Prescott Bush were purely out to make big bucks on war, regardless of the evil they had to bed down with. What relevance does this have in today's world? They're still doing it...

          Well, it turns out that The history of the Muslim Brotherhood goes back to the Nazis who created it as the Arab branch of the Nazi Party. America's Nazi Secrets video with Author John Loftus explains some of the treasonous deeds of our gov'mint officals and private industry during that time, leading up to the present day mess in the Middle East and elsewhere. Some of the nations richest families thought that the Nazis and the Fascists were just fine, and supported them with contributions and aid, hoping that they would win - it was just a financial transaction to them - no matter how much evil these nations represented...

07/01/12:For what it's worth: SCOTUS, [The Supreme Court] made what I consider to be a bad decision that the 'Mercan People are going to suffer under for quite some time. Private healthcare in this country has been taken over by the Federal Governmment because of this Fascist law, known by the public as Obamacare: Private Ownership under the total direction of Big Gov'mint - Assets are in private hands, but the Gov'mint determines the shots -- who will get care, how much doctors can earn, what treatments the patients will or not get, and what role the medical insurance companies must now pay for over and above their voluntary contractual agreements -- In other words: Fascism.

          With this ruling many people's taxes will rise - this is the largest tax increase in modern times, which will be levied mostly on the Middle Class. The Individual Mandate was deemed to be a tax, after nuch dissembling by the ObamaNation about it NOT being a tax, but a penalty. This means that the Gov'mint can now direct the citizenry to buy anything or pay a tax penalty for not doing so. Let's say that the automobile industry is on the ropes again - the gov'mint can now say "Buy a new car or pay a penalty for not doing so." Why not? That's exactly what the Individual Mandate allows in the case of medical insurance!...

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